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Math Department:  
Lisa Bissey Lead Math Teacher
Sally Willis Math Teacher
Hannah LeGrande Math Teacher
Margaret Fox Math Teacher
Matt Beeken Math Coach



Textbook Links for Teachers
K-5: (Google Single Sign On)                                     

Mathematics Mission Statement

Montgomery County strives to provide comprehensive mathematical literacy that enhances achievement for all students. This includes ensuring quality classroom instruction that provides necessary intervention and extension for all learners. A comprehensive mathematical literacy program balances factual knowledge, procedural fluency, and conceptual understanding. Instruction consistently provides opportunities for problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, identifying connections, and creating representations of mathematical ideas. Instructional decisions are guided by formative assessment data to ensure that all students receive a high-quality mathematics education. Montgomery County is committed to continuous program evaluation and improvement through collaborative problem solving and ongoing professional learning by all stakeholders.

Jennifer Wall
Administrator of Mathematics Curriculum
(540) 382-5100, ext. 1051