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MCPS Policy 7-2.1 Compulsory Attendance
  • All absences shall be identified as excused or unexcused.  Each student should present to the school a written note which includes a date, cause, and the parent/guardian’s signature for daily absences, early dismissal or late arrival of the student. Parental permission for early dismissal must be presented to the school official on or before the day requested.  Notes of explanation for student absences or check-ins should be received the day following the absence or check-in.  
  • Upon 5th unexcused absence contact is made with the parent to obtain an explanation for the absence and to explain the consequences of continued non-attendance. At the 6th unexcused absences a conference with the parent will be scheduled.  Upon the 7th unexcused absence the school may refer the student to the court system for truancy.
  • Make-Up Work is the responsibility of the student or parent to request.  Students have one day for each day missed to turn in make-up work unless the teacher extends the time.  
Attendance Discipline - Check-ins/outs & Tardies to class
Students who accumulate an excessive number of UNEXCUSED check-ins, check-outs, and tardies to class will be referred to an administrator for the following disciplinary action: 
  • For each 9-week Grading Period, students who accumulate tardies to class will be assigned the following disciplinary action
    • 3rd Tardy = 1 Lunch Detention
    • 4th Tardy = 1 Lunch Detention
    • 5th Tardy and beyond = office referral
  • Students with excessive absences may lose their “Student in Good Standing status.”
  • In addition to the above, any student who accumulates 6 TARDIES TO SCHOOL ( Unexcused CHECK-INS) in a semester may lose his/her campus driving/parking privileges for 10 school days.  “Tardies to School” includes being late to 1st block and checking-in to school any time during or after 1st block.
  • After 10 days of restriction, driving/parking privileges will be reinstated. Upon reinstatement of his/her driving privilege, the student will lose his/her campus driving privilege for another 10 school days after accumulating 3 additional tardies within the same semester.  The third time that a student loses his/her campus driving/parking privileges in a school year, the restriction will be for the remainder of the school year.
  • Any student found driving or parked on school grounds (during school hours) while privileges are restricted, will lose all campus driving/parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.