Student Supplies

MCPS will provide all classroom supplies necessary for in-class instructional activities.  


The only supplies that students will need to furnish are those items that are for their own personal and take-home useSuch items are limited to the following:


  • Some Type of Notebook/Organizer:
    • 3-Ring Binder (various types & sizes)
    • Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper
    • Notebook Dividers (various number of tabs)
    • Pocket Folders (various types/pockets)
    • Spiral Notebook (various sizes/types)
    • Composition Notebooks (bound/not spiral)
    • Sketchbook (Art Class)
  • Pens (various colors) / Pencils / Erasers (block or pencil toppers) / Pencil Sharpener (hand-held)
  • Colored Markers / Colored Pencils / Twistables
  • Permanent Markers (permanent/various point sizes)
  • Supplies Pouch or Box
  • Goggles:  Students may purchase personal goggles for science labs or shop classes, if preferred. A class set is available and will be sanitized prior to the next use.  Teachers may be able to order individual goggles at a discounted rate to students
  • Other Possible Items:
    • Personal Earbuds / Headphones for Chromebooks
    • Graphing Paper
    • Protractor/Compass
    • Ruler
    • Highlighters
    • Index Cards
    • Post-it Notes
    • Supplies for Independent Student Projects
    • Appropriate clothing for PE


NOTE:  Many of these items may be required in multiple classes.  However, it is not necessary to purchase duplicate materials for each class.  For example, the same pens, pencils, paper, etc. can be used in all classes that require these items.


Some specialty classes may require students to furnish specialized equipment/supplies (i.e. individual band instruments, attire for band/choir concerts, materials for advanced individual take-home projects beyond basic required projects in CTE and Art, etc.)


Schools no longer require or utilize "agendas" or assignment books.  Teachers and students now utilize Google Classroom/Calendar and/or the Calendar in the Parent/Student PowerSchool App to help students and parents stay on top of assignment due dates as well as upcoming assessments and special events.